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Saturday, 21 January 2012

My good friend Sony Ericsson

Been trying to update my packing and moving status, uunfortunately my good old reliable phone is failing me.
She is badly damaged ( thanks to my son ) he uses it as his ping pong ball at times.

Sony T715a ( brand new)
 She deserves a write up, she has served me well and been through  a lot with me.
Even after face lifts ( Being held together by tape) and blacking out screens and missing key pads. She continues to slog for me. I have stuck by her even when most of my friends and family were switching to iphones, androids and smart phones. I marvel at my little Sony,trying to keep up..she can upload pics direct to FB, Make video calls, text, make calls and has a decent camera that comes in handy
i luv the light function, works great during black outs and when i venture out to dark places.

Latest look of my phone, check out the missing key pad and uneven slider

The back side, notice the peeling tape??

 I guess i need a replacement sooner than i thought.....

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