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Saturday, 21 January 2012

My good friend Sony Ericsson

Been trying to update my packing and moving status, uunfortunately my good old reliable phone is failing me.
She is badly damaged ( thanks to my son ) he uses it as his ping pong ball at times.

Sony T715a ( brand new)
 She deserves a write up, she has served me well and been through  a lot with me.
Even after face lifts ( Being held together by tape) and blacking out screens and missing key pads. She continues to slog for me. I have stuck by her even when most of my friends and family were switching to iphones, androids and smart phones. I marvel at my little Sony,trying to keep up..she can upload pics direct to FB, Make video calls, text, make calls and has a decent camera that comes in handy
i luv the light function, works great during black outs and when i venture out to dark places.

Latest look of my phone, check out the missing key pad and uneven slider

The back side, notice the peeling tape??

 I guess i need a replacement sooner than i thought.....

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Little helper.. or not..

Recently i have been roping Jithoo to help around the house. Lets view some pictures of him in action.

Helping Mummy Pack..

Picking flowers for prayer..

Lifting boxes

Err.. not sure what he is doing here

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Remembering my dad...

 10th of January, its my late dad's birthday, cant believe he is no longer around, Its only been a few months since he past away. i really miss him. Found some pics of  him while clearing up.

Proud daddy, Wedding Day

Even though he is no longer with us, memories of him is very present in me. I was thinking back how different things would have been with him present in my life.A god fearing, humble, soft spoken man of few words to strangers yet with a wicked sense of humour towards us. A successful businessman with only primary education, he was a self made man. He earned everything the hard way. He would have willingly taken a huge share of responsibility in helping me move. He would have taken good care of my little Kelisa (My Car). I wouldn't have to worry much bout leaving my mum alone here. He would have ironed out all the minor issues for me. I wont have to run about doing everything now by myself.

He was more than a dad to me, my partner in crime, always on my side, the little outings we took together ditching my mum. Our Sunday morning breakfast trips, my personal chauffeur when i was a whale expecting Jithoo.
 It was our time. My big dogs loved him, always visiting them with treats.
He was so happy when i found Ram. He totally approved, warmed up to him, welcomed him to our family.
Ram once said he was always just a phone call away. He was so helpful, always present in my life.

I am so glad Jithoo got to see his grandpa, he probably wont remember, but i have precious pictures of them together which i will show him when he is bigger. Dad called him Agoo.. as it was Jithoo's first word. Now Jithoo fondly remembers him as Agoo tata ( Grandpa)

He was always very supportive, i don't know how to explain, but am going to try. Its like leaning against an invisible wall, that was how i felt whenever i faced him with problems or cross roads in my life
This was taken 2 weeks before he past away.

I cant stop my tears while writing this, I hope he is in a good place. Its hard to find someone like him nowadays. Kind, polite, street smart, well dressed and a gentleman.. I miss my Dad!......... In memory of the man i look up to the most Mr. Bala.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Man's Best Friend

My first blog of the year. Have been so busy preparing and packing, finally found some time.  My dogs (  2 male adult rotts) have been acting up a bit. They have started to misbehave and bully each other.maybe they can sense that some things are about to change. Ram has always been the one to walk and play with them, I cant walk them as they tend to walk me :) each of them weigh about 40kgs.

I've always had dogs thorough out my childhood and now Tommy and Rambo after marriage. Ram and I had our love for dogs as a common topic during our arranged  meetings ( yes! ours was an arranged/proposal marriage with a modern twist. More on that next time ) I think he said yes cause i wasn't afraid of this monsters when i met them.

Flying Dogs

 Our boys have been a big part of our lives, They were my friends and company when i was alone and pregnant at home. I remember throwing up so badly and my dear Rambo will come lay his big head on my shoulder and rub against me. It was comforting. Tommy will place his head on my big tummy and listen to Jithoo's heart beats. Rambo will do his morning dance for me before he gets his snack. Times when they always stand before me when a stranger approaches my gate. AaaH! they do silly things that make you laugh. Tommy will take your slippers and wait, as you approach him, he runs. Rambo always tricks his brother and sneaks to the back for extra snacks.



They are so different yet so alike, trying to out do each other and still working together. I  have learnt a lot from them. They are a large breed notorious for their temperamental nature yet all i've learnt and received from them is love and loyalty

 They have quieten down considerably for the past 2 years. They are big boys now. How time flies. I wish we could take them with us, but its simply not possible to have 2 large dogs in a small apartment. Jithoo will them. I will miss them..Ram will miss them and i know they will too.