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Friday, 23 December 2011

Lasting friendships...

All of us have that special friend or bestie's as some calls them. Friends are like boosters in life, they pick you up when you're done, protect you,take sides with you even when you're unreasonable.They are there to share secrets, thoughts and opinions that you can't reveal to everyone. I am guilty of drifting away from many of my friends, schoolmates, college mates, and colleagues.My life changed many times over the years and have managed to always keep my friendship with my school mate Nirmala.

 Despite attending different colleges,work force and marriage.some how or rather I'm always drawn back to her,we seldom have time for each other now,with our demanding schedules and all.being a mom is tough, it's harder on her to be a working mom.

Our kids

I had some time and invited her over on Christmas day. It felt good catching up with her life and mine. The kids had lots of fun. It makes me smile to see them build friendship. We played with the kids had a simple lunch prepared by me, and finally sat down to chat once the kiddo's were put down for their afternoon naps..
We were just getting started...
I had baked a red velvet cake for the occasion, threw our diets out and took generous helpings of the cake with tea. Pure bliss..

I will miss her a lot when I'm away but :

Monday, 19 December 2011

Wedding Fatigue

 This year as been a little hectic for us, as we were constantly travelling to attend weddings ( Ram's cousins ).
My MIL has 13 siblings all in all. and each of them have 2-3 kids in average. 5 of  Ram's cousins got married this year and to end it, my cousin got married in KL ( Kuala Lumpur) about 350 kilometres away from where we live last weekend.
 The last road trip for the year i hope ( fingers crossed). As most parents will know its not easy handling a wriggly toddler in a car for 4 hours. Jithoo has done some extensive travelling for his age, more than what i had done at that age anyway. He is a pretty good kid in planes and cars as long as you keep him occupied.
doesn't get cranky and stuff.
 One trick i learnt that works and can keep him occupied for at least a good 45 mins is stickers. I got a free sticker book from my paediatrician after his 18 month vaccination, didn't think it will hold his attention long,
Oh Boy was i wrong... An hours flight from JB to Penang was a breeze with him sitting in one place and sticking his stickers onto his sticker book.

With my cousins in KL

We seldom take pictures together as either one of us have to be watching our boy, but this turned out so well
had to make it my DP picture on my facebook page.

The Bride and Groom 

My mum joined us for this drive up to KL and she was quite impressed i must say with my boy.. ( he can be quite the charmer) It was a fun time for us as i had a good time with my aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews. Ram had his usual midnight session with his guy friends ( Keeps him from boredom\complains)

Ram is flying to Macau end of the month for a short orientation, will be gone for 4/5 days. we will miss him but i know this is for our future... sob sob

Jithoo at JB Senai airport

In the plane (dont have a better pic ) 

Bevy of Beauties in Saree's 

Us in Penang for Ram's cousin wedding 

One of Jithoo's fav cousin 
Till next time ...

Friday, 16 December 2011

The Beginning....

Hello my dear readers. the time as finally come.. Ram has got the news of his new employment. We will be moving to Macau!. He will be leaving somewhere mid Jan while i tie up loose ends and leave in March.This is a first for all of us as a family. Ram has been travelling in and out of Singapore for work everyday for the past 10 years. This is a welcomed change for him....lets see what little macau holds for us.. taking each day as it comes.

I'll be using this space to chronicle the everyday events of my lil boy  Jitendra @Jithoo  and to write about my experiences as his mother and parenting in general. Being an avid baker i will probably share some recipes and baking tips too ;)
As we will be moving in 3 months i guess i will write more about that too..

This is us all smiles.. with our 1 day old Jithoo..

Customary studio pic before shaving his head.. an Indian tradition

My little chipmunk after having shaved his head at a buddhist monastery in Chiang Mai.
We opt to have a his head shaved here instead of having an elaborate ceremony back home

What a cutie pie...all round round.. lol

Bunny ears!!

Managed to sneak in some shopping too..

Cant get enough of this boy.. just too many nice pics..

More to come folks...