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Friday, 23 December 2011

Lasting friendships...

All of us have that special friend or bestie's as some calls them. Friends are like boosters in life, they pick you up when you're done, protect you,take sides with you even when you're unreasonable.They are there to share secrets, thoughts and opinions that you can't reveal to everyone. I am guilty of drifting away from many of my friends, schoolmates, college mates, and colleagues.My life changed many times over the years and have managed to always keep my friendship with my school mate Nirmala.

 Despite attending different colleges,work force and marriage.some how or rather I'm always drawn back to her,we seldom have time for each other now,with our demanding schedules and all.being a mom is tough, it's harder on her to be a working mom.

Our kids

I had some time and invited her over on Christmas day. It felt good catching up with her life and mine. The kids had lots of fun. It makes me smile to see them build friendship. We played with the kids had a simple lunch prepared by me, and finally sat down to chat once the kiddo's were put down for their afternoon naps..
We were just getting started...
I had baked a red velvet cake for the occasion, threw our diets out and took generous helpings of the cake with tea. Pure bliss..

I will miss her a lot when I'm away but :

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